Join IDEO London

as a start-up in residence!

IDEO is a global community of over 600 designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in eleven offices all over the world. Our core mission is simple: we create impact through design. We work with organizations large and small to define the future of their business. We work at the earliest stages of evolution and help to infuse a design-driven approach that will not only help to develop the current offer, but help to inform the foundation for a successful business in the future.

We believe design-driven startups, the ones that put people at the center of their mission, will change the world.

Design DNA, when built into the core of an organization, creates significant value beyond aesthetics and usability. It ensures that new offerings are built on a foundation of real market insight, and provides an approach to maximize resources by rapidly generating, evaluating, and iterating an offer – all while keeping the people who will interact with your offering most front and center.

We’re looking to partner with great people to help build solutions to some of our toughest challenges in Health through an intensive three-month program at our London Studio beginning January, 2015.

In exchange for a small amount of equity, we invest by committing to you, inviting you into our community, connecting you with our network of clients and thought leaders, and collaborating side by side with you to build a transformational organization and launch a new concept into the world.

Since 2012 we’ve brought 7 companies into IDEO through residencies: Food Genius, Bondsy, Dabble, Melon, PillPack,, & Osper.

What we're looking for

Inspiring people with intention to challenge the status quo and create meaningful impact on health.

You’re an inspiring seed-stage startup with a full-time, multidisciplinary team (equal parts design, business and tech). With a rough, looks-like, acts-like prototype of your idea or have achieved meaningful milestones. We’re more interested in early stage concepts and potential for impact than detailed business plans. Great partners aren’t focused on raising a round or building their team, they need to be focused on the discovery phase of building their business and getting to product-market fit.

Qualities you have

Focus on the problem at hand

You like to ask tough questions. You’re focused on discovering your way to solutions, even if it means moving in a new direction.

Clear need & opportunity space

You care about putting people first and have uncovered a true human-centered insight.

Originality & unique utility

You’ve got a different POV, something special and the capabilities to back it up.

Discovery & learning driven

You’re comfortable being wrong. You’re looking to learn, not prove yourself.

Action oriented

You like to roll up your sleeves, build stuff, and be resourceful.

And for this particular residency we’re looking for partners who are deeply committed to improving people’s wellbeing and driving outcomes in health care.

You are focused on building solutions that ultimately empower people to live healthier lives, connect to communities of care, turn data into action, and make everyday wellness easy, accessible, and achievable.

We’re interested in these spaces within health:

Staying well Offerings that focus on proactive, holistic wellness (both mental & physical), prevention and early detection.

Connected networks Services that empower patients, peers, families, and care provider communities.

Continuity of care Tools that enable better ongoing provider relationships and empower patients to self manage chronic disease.

Aging well Services Services for maintaining independence and thriving in old age.

What we're offering

Focused time to create something amazing
and being a part of IDEO.

It means time to develop your offer with the help of a team of world-class designers in a highly collaborative, experimental, and hands-on studio environment. We’ll teach you our design-thinking process. You’ll learn how to better understand and connect with your customers, how to prototype, and how to “pivot with purpose.”.

What you get:

A culture that encourages experimentation

Being hosted in our studio includes access to our space, regular content shares during lunch, ideation sessions, fuel via our studio pantry an and an open invitation to all our studio’s cultural events.

A Dedicated Team

You will have a team to work with you as equal partners. They will collaborate with you on user research, ideation, prototyping, and design efforts. They will be your primary mentors, guides, and teammates for the three months.

A Global creative network

You will have access to our 600+ designers, mentors, leaders, advisors, and experts across our eleven offices.

A connected network of extended partner organisations

From MNCs and VCs to governments, foundations, and our clients, we’ll make select introductions that will be most valuable to you.

Ongoing Advisory Services

Once you’re in, you’re part of IDEO for the long haul. We’ll support you with ongoing mentoring, designers in residence, and membership in a highly exclusive network of alumni.

Best of all, you’ll learn how design thinking can define your offer and create a foundation for a successful future business. But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what Justin Massa, CEO of Food Genius and graduate of our first Startup-in-Residence program, has to say about the experience:

“When we first met IDEO, we expected them to solve our design issues. What we learned during our residency, however, was how to use human-centered design thinking to become a customer-centered company and sustainably solve our business problems. The experience was life changing.”

You may have noticed we didn’t say mentors, resources or seed money… it’s up to you to work these.

How to apply

Submission are due November 15.
This part is pretty painless, just:

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are the core members of your team? Who are your mentors? Describe each person in 140 characters or less. Be creative.

Describe your offer. In 50 words or less: What’s your offer? What problem are you solving and how are you solving it? Why are you doing this? What impact do you want to have?

Show us your stuff. Send along a short video, prototype, demo, or scenarios – anything that makes your startup offer tangible. We’re designers. We like visuals. Send your words and pictures

20 November

We’ll hold short Skype interviews with a smaller selection of candidates.

1 December

Select finalists will be invited to pitch to the whole studio by the first week in December.

15 December

One team will receive a formal invitation to be our next Startup-in-Residence.