Ever wondered what life is like inside IDEO?  Probably not. Well...
IDEO Fortnight is a 2-week, intensive residency that invites artists and designers from a variety of backgrounds to come and create their own projects inside the walls of our London studio. You'll meet our designers, see how we work and get to know our process.
Here’s what we’re looking for:
We want a proposal for a project or experiment which asks questions about people and technology, that both engages with and is inspired by IDEO’s studio setting.
It’s a minimum-wage gig, BUT you’ll have a good time, get some good exposure and learn a lot. Did we mention the snacks?
If you’re London-based, it’s easy. If not, as long as you can get yourself here and can find somewhere to crash, we’re up for it.
How to answer the brief:
Are you an eager, curious person who likes to create things? Are you self-motivated and self-directed?  If so, please answer the following two questions.
Why should we pick you?
Choose a visual medium and show/tell us who you are and how you like to work.
What will you do in our two week residency?
How would you answer the brief?  How would you capture inputs from the studio...and how would you express the output? How will we experience what you create? Give us something we haven’t thought of. You’ll get a chance to refine your proposal later on, but give us an idea of what you’d be doing in your two weeks.
PS: Don’t do a ton of work.
 Don’t make it long.  We’re looking for people who see the world in interesting ways. Be creative and visual (video, flyer, poster etc).
Here are two examples of what other people have done in our fortnights in Chicago and Boston.
Please include a brief resume (this residency is open to anyone, regardless of background) and your portfolio or link to your website.
Deadline for applications:
Extended to 19th of April
Our Fortnight Residency will run from mid June to mid July. We can talk about which two-week time slot works best for you if you are chosen. 
Just click apply below.